Custom Slipcovers

Slipcovers that Fit Like A Glove!

Slipcovers can protect your original upholstery, rejuvenate worn furniture, and update your décor with a new look. A wide range of fabric and design options to meet your style are available with custom slipcovers from MAQ Design. Custom slipcovers can be loose fitting or snug, have a skirt, fit straight to the frame without a skirt, or be attached to the bottom of the chair with Velcro.

A wide variety of fabric options are available for custom slipcovers ranging from lighter weight multipurpose fabrics to heavier upholstery fabrics. You can create seasonal wear for your furniture with a summer slipcover for a light and airy feel or a winter slipcover to provide a warm and cozy feel. A fabric that has a slight stretch to it will mold around corners really well, and heavier upholstery weight fabrics really fool you into thinking it’s upholstered.

After - Click to see before

It is possible to slipcover a chair in need of upholstery by adding support from the outside and/or a new cushion insert. Newer chairs needing just a change in fabric to fit your décor make perfect candidates for custom slipcovers.

Unless your furniture style has a lot of curves, MaryAnn will go to your house to make a template of your chair so it can stay in your home. That process will take a few hours and is much easier than hauling furniture to the workshop. If you’d like to make arrangements to drop off your chair, it’s always helpful to have it next to the sewing machine for fitting while fabricating.