Custom Upholstery

Built for lasting comfort!

Professional custom upholstery offers a better value over newly manufactured furniture by providing finer quality workmanship and materials. You have access to a far greater range of fabric choices and better quality foam and internal support materials that will provide durability far longer than newly mass manufactured furniture today. Even inexpensive chairs from the past will be far superior being reupholstered than most new furniture you can purchase today. Quality custom upholstery is built to last.

Knowledge about textiles is an important aspect which you rarely find at a furniture store. If you need assistance with design and durability, MaryAnn will advise you throughout the project. Seating can be soft or firm and it’s even possible to make changes to the design style of your treasured old chair depending on the frame.

After - Click to see before

After - Click to see before

One way some upholsterers cut costs is to just cover over the existing upholstery. This upholsterer doesn’t do that. Dirt and dust filters through the layers over the years. You have no idea what’s underneath that cover and need to trust your upholsterer will do more than just cover what is there. Fabric and padding are removed right down to the frame if deemed necessary. The frame is sanitized, any loose joints are tightened and exposed wood is touched up or refinished before the rebuild. More often than not, springs just need to be re-tied but if bent out of shape or the support is compromised, they will be replaced. When all is complete, you will have a new chair built to provide comfort for several years.